Snap lock punch SL1R

This is a tool for crimping gutter end caps made of various materials such as steel, aluminium, copper and titanium-zinc.


It is the tool for roofers called by its producer Malco a”Snap Lock” (hence SL-1 symbol) that efficiently helps in joining two pieces of metal sheets and combining elements of a gutter system (e.g. gutter ends with a horizontal gutter).

When using SL-1 crimper, the roofer does not have to use any other additional equipment for attaching end caps. Both joined pieces of metal are safely connected by the crimper.Its shape makes the job super easy, because its grip and lever are designed the way, that the crimping may be performed without the use of extended force.

The crimper grip is ergonomically shaped and finished with a bluing coat. The manufacturer has been distributing the whole series of roofing tools equipped witch such grips (Ergonomic Red Handles). As for the metal part of the tool, its nickel finishing protects it from weather condiotions and rust.