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Main advantages of the system
Very tight

Lack of joints make sthe system tight.

Deep profile of the gutter

The system has a deep gutter profile: 125mm or 150 mm.

No maintenance required

Due to base materials, which are coated steel and aluminium sheets the system requires no maintenance.

Variety of colours

Currently we sell coated steel and aluminium sheets in several dozen of colours.

Quality guaranteed

Materials used in manufacturing process are selected by their quality. We use steel and aluminium sheets that are coated in high temperatures with acrylic paints.

Easy and quick installation

Instalation of metal seamless gutters requires the use of basic roofing tools and a few simple tools designed for the system.

Cross-section 125

Horizontal gutter of 125mm cross-sedction is largely used on single-family residential buildings, but also on public facility buildings of small roof surface.125 mm seamless gutters are compatible with two types of down pipes: 50 mm x 75 mm and 75 mm x 100 mm.


Cross-section 150

Another gutter type we offer is the 150mm seamless gutter (width 150mm, depth 125 mm).This gutter is a widely used solution when it comes to disposing of water away from large facilities such as: industrial production buildings, churches,school complexes, blocks of flats, snigle- and multi-family residential buildings of a large roof surface. This gutter is usually connected to down pipes of dimensions: 75×100 mm and 100×130 mm.

Colours and materials

Our wide gutter colour chart enables you to make a perfect match with the colour of your roof.

Available colours of steel gutters

Arcelor Mittal Ironworks
Thickness 0,5 mm – steel

RAL 3005 gloss

RAL 3005 matt

RAL 3009 gloss

RAL 3011 gloss

RAL 3011 matt

RAL 5010 gloss

RAL 6005 gloss

RAL 6005 matt

RAL 6020 gloss

RAL 6020 matt

RAL 6029 gloss

RAL 7016 gloss

RAL 7016 matt

RAL 7024 gloss

RAL 7024 matt

RAL 7035 gloss

RAL 8004 gloss

RAL 8004 matt

RAL 8017 gloss

RAL 8017 matt

RAL 8019 matt

RAL 9002 gloss

RAL 9005 gloss

RAL 9005 matt

RAL 9006 gloss

RAL 9007 gloss

RAL 9010 gloss


Available colours of aluminium gutters

Thickness 0,7 mm – aluminium coated on both sides


brick red RAL 8004


brown RAL 8019

brown matt RAL 8017 D

black matt RAL 9005 D

black RAL 9005

graphite RAL 7016

graphite matt RAL 7016 D

anthracite RAL 7021

silver RAL 9006

white gloss

Copper and titanium-zinc gutters

Thickness 0,6 mm



Scheme of the system

Integrity of seamless system guarantees the best quality and tightness and maximum adjustability to every building. The key purpose of the guttering is disposal of water from roof surface combined with preserving the aesthetics of the building. Proper choice of the guttering system must include focussing on technical solutions of jonting parts that put the system in one piece to ensure its tightness. The most common failures of gutter systems are unsealed joints on horizontal gutters caused by weather conditions ( low temperatures, snow layering, UV radiation), which may lead to dampening of walls and damages to buildin fascades. Another important issue is the material of the system, which has an immense impact on durability of the product. To avoid abovementioned problems you should use the Seamless Metal Gutter System.

Elements of the Seamless Metal Gutter System

Horizontal gutter
Gutter end cap
Inside box miter
Outside box miter
Outside and inside strip miter
Drop outlet
Regular hanger
Hanger with a screw
Rafter outside hanger
Fascia board outside hanger
Wire strainer
Mesh gutter guard
Side elbow
Pipe strap
Debris gully
Pipe strap fastener
Downspout adaptor
Joint with drop outlet
Water catcher
Bolt for pipe strap
Steel-aluminium rivets
Screws and farmers
Spot repair
Metal sheets

Rynni offer includes a wide colour chart of 1250-mm wide aluminium, steel, copper and titan-zinc scrolls, which makes it easy to match any type of roof, fascade etc. and provide our clients with a fully integrated system.


Width (mm)
267 / 300 / 351 / 380 / 450 / 1250

– thickness 0,5 mm – steel
– thickness 0,7 mm – aluminium


Width: 1250 mm
Length: any

We cut sheets lengthwise to thickness:
– thicknes 0,7 mm – steel
– thicknes 0,8 mm – aluminium

Installation of metal seamless gutters

Seamless gutters (made of aluminium, steel copper, titanium-zinc) manufactured by Rynni are very easy to install. All you need is a set of basic roofing tools, including gutter outlet punch, pipe crimper and end cap crimper. These basic tools are essential and will make the installation of gutter system go smoothly.

Before you start the fitting, place the gutter on a flat surface to fit fascia board hangers onto the gutter. How to do it? You simply put them inside the seamless gutter and lock. The gutter with hangers positioned inside becomes rigid. Recommended interval between hangers is 40-45cm. For fitting hangers to the back of the gutter you should use screws (4,8×35 mm).


1. The next step in installation of guttering is marking a drop outlet position at the botom of the gutter. Marked drop outlet shape needs to be cut out and then the outlet is fitted from the top, adhered and secured with remomable rivets. Then the horizontal gutter must be sealed with end caps that are positioned on adhesive and crimped on both ends of the gutter (right and left).

2. The gutter prepared in such a way is screwed to the fascia board of the building. In case of a large size of the building (industrial buildings longer than 30 m), the gutter should be partitioned into 2 elements. Both segments are then connected with adhesive and rivets (colours are available) or screws.

3. The next step in installation of seamless guttering is fitting of down pipes. You need to attach pipe clamps every 1.5 -2 m, measure the length of pipes and the distance between the gutter and the wall, including elbows. All the elements should be joined and secured with rivets or screws. Down pipes are connected to the sewage pipes with a special connector.