Gutter metal sheet crimper

Cloquially called “drop outlet tool”, this crimper is perfect for clamping down pipe edges in order to insert it into another one or connect it to an elbow. Clamping makes the pipe narrower which helps to join metal pipes of the same diameter.


Hand crimper (drop outlet tool) manufactured by an American company Malco serves the purpose of clamping down pipes at their connections and fitting them to elbows. With this tool shaping of the pipe goes neatly, accurately and above all quickly. In the USA such tools are widely spread among roof contractors.

Even pipes of square cross-section will keep their original shape, if you use the crimper. The full tightness of joints is also guaranteed. As all other items of Ergonomic Redline Handles series this one is equipped with Malco designed ergonomically shaped grip that makes all work goes very easy.