Machine for manufacturing gutters

Machines for manufacturing gutters from our offer shape gutters of any length in the shape of a cornice of the size depending on the type of the machine. The materials that we can use are: aluminium, coated steel, galvanized steel, copper and titanium-zinc. They are machines by New Tech Machinery, the company that is a well established producer of such machines in the USA. The machines have a cylindrical structure. Chrommed cylinders in the machine are powered by an electric engine through chains.

Gutter manufacturing machines need 230V electric supply. They have a CE certificate which is the licence fro use within EC.

Model ø 125/150 Combo

MODEL 125/150 Combo
DIMENSIONS 3040 x 760 x 550 (mm)
WEIGHT ~565 (kg)
CAPACITY ~10/13 (m/min)
DRIVE electric
TRIMMER manual
METAL SHEET 5” i 6” 300 or 380 (mm) ≠ 0,7 (mm)
Gutter manufacturing machines with two cylinders. After resetting of the machine it can produce either one or another gutter shape.

Model ø 125

MODEL 125 mm
DIMENSIONS 2440 x 660 x 450 (mm)
WEIGHT ~ 455 (kg)
CAPACITY ~ 10/13 (m/min)
DRIVE electric
TRIMMER manual
METAL SHEET 5” 300 (mm) alu to 0,8 / steel 0,7 (mm)
Machine with two cylinders for unfolding of steel.

These machines are easy to operate. They have two working modes: continuous or intermittent and an ON/OFF switch installed at the back of the machine, which is very helpful when it comes to loading of the steel onto shaping cylinders. Obviously the machines are also equipped with safety switches (emergency).

Each of the machines is equipped with a low power engine (max. 1.1 kW – depending on the model), which manages to work effectively even in construction site conditions, without access to mains supply. In such a case a power generator must be used.

Gutter manufacturing machines have a manual trimmer which cuts out seamless gutter to desirable length. Due to a special system of levers, only a little force is needed to operate the trimmer. Standard equipment of every machine are two stands with cylinders for metal sheets. The cylinders are adjustable and allow the load of the material for two different sizes of gutters. Apart from cylinders, an additional option are cradles for unfolding of metal, that may be loaded with metal sheet disc in order to form the gutter.

Due to their little sizes, the machines can be transported on most of vans and car trailers, which makes the manufacturing on site possible. Machines dimensions are included in technical data above.

Standard equipment of every machine includes an easy-to-dismantle cover, which enables the acces to the inside of the machine, e.g.for maintenance.

Most of the machines we offer are availabe “right away”

If any machine is out of stock , we will discuss the availability and delivery time of the new machine with the customer.