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Who we are?

RYNNI – First and foremost our company is a manufacturer of seamless gutters and essential accesories, but we also sell machines and equipment, that are essential for fittinng a gutter system properly.

RYNNI has over 17 years of experience and since the very beginning we have focussed on implementation of all possible improvements to our system.

This activities aim for an improvement of both durability and appearance of our semaless gutters.

All elements of our gutter system are powder coated and spray coated with specialist ironworks paints, harderend by high temperatures.

Our offer.

Our offer includes seamless gutters of various sizes, that match the dimensions of any building.

The most popular product and our bestseller is the 125-mm seamless gutter (width 125 mm, depth 90 mm).

This gutter is a perfect solution for a wide range of residential buildings, but also for public facilities such as:

  • community care centres
  • firemen’s houses
  • schools, etc.

125-mm seamless gutters are compatible with two types of down pipes: 50 mm x 75 mm and 75 mm x 100 mm. The choice depends on the size of the roof surface.

Another gutter type we offer is the 150-mm seamless gutter (width 150 mm, depth 125 mm).

Guttering is a widely used solution when it comes to disposing of water away from large facilities such as:

  • industrial production buildings
  • churches
  • warehouses
  • snigle- and multi-family residential buildings with a large roof surface.

150-mm seamless gutters can be connected to three types of down pipes: 50 mm x 75 mm, 75 mm x 100 mm and 100 mm x 130 mm. Usually chosen option is the down pipe of 75 mm x 100 mm.

The number of down pipes on a building primarily depends on the density of installed drain wells and individual characteristics of the building. The more drain wells are present, the smaller down pipe diameter may be used.

At the beginning of 2009 we have introduced a sale of new connector, which adapts our down pipes to round drain pipes (sewage and drainage pipes). Additional protection of seamless gutters and down pipes from green debris are protective nets (aluminium). We offer two types of such nets:

  • Round net of standard diameter that fits all types of drop outlets
  • flat net of 130 mm x 1000 mm for 125-mm seamless gutters and 150 mm x 1000 mm that fits the 150-mm seamless gutter


Before our products are on sale, they must complete a row of improvement procedures, quality tests and checks. Gutter hangers available in our seamless gutter system remain invisible from the ground level, as they are installed inside the gutter. The material they are made of is protected with a thick Z 275 galvanized coat (hangers for steel gutters), and then powder coated with polyester paints, designed for exterior use, in order to prolong product durability.

To meet the expectations of our customers, each year we enrich our gutter offer by new colour options for both steel and aluminium products.